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Wellness Line Ads:

25 words for $20
Over 25: 0.50¢ a word

Display Ads:

$20 per column inch

Help Wanted Ads:

30 words for $35
Over 30: 0.50¢ a word

Items for Sale:

FREE (for items valued at $150 or less)
20 words for $15/week
Over 20: 0.50¢ a word


0.40¢ a word (email)
0.50¢ a word (fax or snail mail)

Housing & Real Estate Line Ads:

25 words for $20
Over 25: 0.50¢ a word


We accept checks or money orders made payable to Vermont Guardian. You can also pay using Mastercard or Visa. Classifieds will not run until full payment is received.

Refunds, Errors and Standards:

Refunds cannot be granted for any reason. Adjustments will be credited to the advertiser's account toward future classifieds placement only. We proofread carefully, but even so, mistakes can occur. Report errors at once, as VERMONT GUARDIAN will not be responsible for errors continuing beyond the first printing. Adjustments for error is limited to republication; in any event, liability for errors (or omissions) shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by such an error (or omission). All advertising is subject to review by VERMONT GUARDIAN. We reserve the right to edit, properly categorize or decline any ad without comment or appeal.

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Classifieds will not run until full payment is received.