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Posted May 17, 2007

Thank you Vermont Guardian!

Editor’s note: The following comments were received in response to the news that the Vermont Guardian is ceasing publication this month. We remain humbled by your comments, and wish our readers all the best.

Thank you for all of the blood, sweat and optimism you brought to this effort. You are a champion of free speech and alternative media!

A Herculean effort: You did an amazing job with the paper, absolutely amazing.

The Vermont Guardian had a good run and you should be extremely proud of what you created and especially all it stood for.

Although the Vermont Guardian folds, you can hold your head high having consistently put out a top-notch publication that accurately reflected the times and the state.

You should know that you have made a mark on Vermont history. You offered coverage nobody even thought to offer.

I think the Vermont Guardian set a new standard and one of the best impressions I received did not come from my own favorable opinion of the paper but when I was speaking with someone in the artistic community and others who just happened to mention and praise the Vermont Guardian and citing the paper as very valuable resource, etc. Its departure is a major loss but one never knows the benefits that will come about as a result of your excellent work and the paper's important role.

Even a crusty conservative like me will miss Vermont Guardian. Thanks for your great work on behalf of independent grassroots media and governmental openness. You took these ideas that everyone gives lip service to and made them work, for the benefit of everyone.

Thanks for sharing the news, though it saddens me and my family greatly. We have come to appreciate your articles for a daily dose of news that we can't find anywhere else. You have given a great deal of yourself to the movement for truth and you are very much appreciated. The Vermont Guardian will be sorely missed and not easily replaced.

I am sorry to read that you will no longer be publishing your paper .A statewide independent paper is still a worthwhile goal.

Get real time

Impeachment is not going to happen, unless Pres. George W. Bush and Vice Pres. Dick Cheney do something really stupid (well ...). There is not enough public outrage over the war and the attack on our civil liberties. Perhaps people in this country would care if there was a draft, but that's not going to happen either. The Democrats have neither the votes nor the legal and moral high ground to do anything more with impeachment than create a congressional sideshow that will help elect a Republican to the White House in 2008, and maybe give the Republicans back both houses of Congress.

As the great de-regulator would have said (if he had been a Democrat): "It's the Republicans, stupid!" For God's sake, sometimes I think the left is dumber than a box of rocks. Instead of busting Rep. Peter Welch's chops, we should be asking for his support to go after Bush's war boy in Montpelier: Gov. Jim Douglas.

Vermont has a lot of “soft” Republicans in its Legislature, and a lot of good old salt-of-the-earth Republican voters who would like to see both the war and Bush ended. Go after Douglas — on everything from his support of Bush and the war, to health care, education, and global warming. Put him on the spot. And put the whole Vermont Republican Party on the spot — make them think about doing what Sen. Jim Jeffords did in 2001.

We have to stop attacking the people we want to lead, and start going after the real enemy. If 65 to 70 percent of Vermonters want the war and Bush over, where does Douglas get off doing what he's been doing? Who does he represent? Certainly not Vermont. Veto Douglas now, and send a message to Washington and the candidates: The people need to lead.

Peter Buknatski

Welch: Political lackey?

Despite Rep. Peter Welch’s recent rhetoric on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, where he acknowledged that “this administration has abused its power and pursued horribly misguided policies,” he manages also to characterize the Vermont impeachment movement as misguided.

In fact, he referred to impeachment as a “tactic,” further revealing his failure to understand the U.S. Constitution, to which he swore allegiance upon taking office.

Article II of the Constitution is not a “tactic,” it is a constitutional provision, offering the people’s House, to which Welch was elected, the guidance with which to investigate alleged impeachable offenses through investigation and indictment.

At the May 12 Town Meeting in White River Junction, as Welch orated his agreement that this administration merits our disgust and acknowledged the merits of the impeachment movement motives, he speaks (as if entitled) of his refusal to act on behalf of the majority of his constituents.

In other words, Welch illustrates the scrutiny with which Vermonters must approach their future voting choices.

Ask your candidates:

Will you act on behalf of your majority constituents, or will you betray us?

Will you put political allegiance before your allegiance to the U.S. Constitution? Do you have the courage to stand up to do what’s right, no matter the political consequences?

Are you a representative of the people or are you a political lackey?

Peggy Sapphire

The most corrupt

Regarding Rep. Peter Welch and his reticence on impeachment proceedings against Vice Pres. Dick Cheney and Pres. George W. Bush: I have three things of value to offer any politician: my money, my time and my vote.

The question of placing all the investigations under the umbrella of impeachment has long ago been answered from my point of view. Our current federal administration is the most dishonest, corrupt and incompetent in our nation's history. Any action that does not predicate itself upon that reality is unacceptable.

Simply put there is either impeachment investigations or not one federal level Democrat (including Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT) will get my money, time or vote.

It is a simple enough equation, and if applied by all of us will assure us of a responsible government in the not too distant future.

Rama Schneider

Welch's citizen appeasement speech

Rep. Peter Welch spoke on the floor of the U.S. House explaining to the Congress why Vermonters in ever greater numbers are calling for impeachment (Vermont Guardian, May 15).

While it is good for members of Congress and for those who watch C-SPAN to hear about our sentiments, a speech is a miserable substitute for action.

Rep. Welch wants to end this war yesterday he says, but he has thus far only voted to further fund it. Impeachment will divide the Congress and only prolong the war he says, but he cannot point to a single action of Congress that has taken one step to even slow the pace of the occupation.

Welch thanks impeachment activists and says that while he opposes impeachment, he supports the indictment that we make against the Bush administration. He can’t have it both ways. The prosecutor doesn’t thank the grand jury for their hard work, agree with their call for indictment, and then toss it in the trash on his way out of the courthouse. But that is exactly what Welch is doing and some people will try to tell us that we should be grateful to him for doing it.

Impeachment is the only constitutional tool that we have left in the toolbox that could actually block this administration from furthering their reckless military stance. Impeachment is the only workable remedy that could help to redeem us in the eyes of the rest of the world.

This Democratic Congress has betrayed us. They pull at some dried skin of a reeking onion, but they refuse to investigate the rot that is spreading from its core. “Look, “ they say, “we snipped those brown edges of the skin, it’s a fine onion again. Aren’t we good cooks?”

A mere 40 Senators could prevent any further funding of this war, providing only a way to pay for withdrawal, but there are not yet 40 Senators who are brave or principled enough to do so. While Welch waits for the Republicans to magically join the Democratic (non) strategy on the war and then convince this president to change his mind, a handful of his colleagues have already called for impeachment investigations against Vice Pres. Dick Cheney. It is sad that our congressman is content with so little. It is as whimsical for him to think that he’s taking steps to end this war as it is for the president to think that he’s winning it.

Our congressman is not yet convinced that we represent the views of an overwhelming number of Vermonters. He will be disabused of this notion in the coming days and weeks. There will be petition and post card drives that will give notice of just how many we are.

We are fed up with vacuous leadership. We are fed up with excuses. We are above all fed up with mediocre rhetoric masquerading as substance. This is a call for civil obedience to the Constitution by those who have sworn to defend it. It may well be the last call before massive civil disobedience is seen as the only way left to get our government to become once again “for the people.”

Dan DeWalt

Entergy needs a better spokesman

I was really shocked to read John McClaughry's diatribe against Sen. Peter Shumlin for his proposal to increase taxes on Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee (Vermont Guardian, May 4).

McClaughry resorts to a kind of nastiness and personal invective that does not belong in a society that prides itself on civil discourse. Couldn't Entergy have found a better advocate? McClaughry's tone would be a disservice to any cause.

Peter Alexander
Madison, WI

Peter Alexander is the former executive director of the New England Coalition.