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Global | The “price of fire” in Latin America

Editor's Note: Author Ben Dangl is coming to Vermont to talk about his new book on the region. Below is an adapted excerpt from his book and a Q&A with the author.

It was supposed to be a day of celebration for the Virgin of Rosario, the patron saint of miners. Yet events in Huanuni, Bolivia delayed the festival interminably. In place of the celebration, the archbishop presided over a mass for 16 people killed in a two-day conflict between miners over access to tin deposits.

Full Article: Author describes “price of fire” in Latin America

Q&A with the author: Behind the fire: Ben Dangl on struggles in Latin America

Posted March 22, 2007

Iran “fooling” U.S. military

NAJAF, Iraq (IPS) — New evidence is emerging on the ground of an Iranian hand in growing violence within Iraq. As the United States heads for a confrontation with Iran over allegations of Iranian involvement in bombings, the massacre in Najaf last month indicates that Iran could be working also through the Iraqi government, according to local leaders in Najaf

Full Article: Iran “fooling” U.S. military

Posted February 16, 2007