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Martha’s Reign: How Martha Rainville was anointed by the GOP


By Shay Totten | Vermont Guardian
photo illustration by Amanda B. Cashin

Posted April 14, 2006

A recent move by top GOP officials, including Gov. Jim Douglas, to clear the runway for U.S. House candidate Martha Rainville is stirring a rebellion among conservative Republicans.

On March 28, three top Republicans, party chairman Jim Barnett and the state’s two representatives to the national committee, Sara Gear Boyd and George Schiavone, sent a letter to their national counterparts invoking a little-known rule, called Rule 11, that enables the national party to provide funding to a preferred candidate before September’s primary. Without such approval from state GOP officials, the national party cannot get involved until after the primary.

“There is too much at stake to sit idly by with our hands tied as [the Democrats] work to build a huge organization,” said Barnett. “We just don’t have any additional time to spare in order to build an organization for a race that is going to be different from past campaigns … . The other side has recognized that, and until now we have not recognized that and that has been to our detriment.”

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