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Vermont lawmakers identify new source of global warming

By Forrest Green | Podcast Correspondent

To hear the audio file: Click here

Posted April 1, 2007

MONTPELIER — Move over automobiles and faulty furnaces, the Vermont Legislature has identified the number one Vermont source of global warming — itself.

It seems the inordinate amount of CO2 emissions generated by increasingly heated discussions between the body and the governor represents the state’s number one ozone obliterator.

Since this year’s session vowed early on to do something about global warming, its members must now put up or shut up. And they’ve decided to go with the latter.

House Speaker Crystal Skies says a little less talk could make for a lot more action.

Skies: Since our endless chatter seems to just be contributing to human-induced climate change, we’re going to put our mouths where our money is and adjourn a little earlier this year.

There is also talk in the Committee for Responsibility and the Planet (CRaP) of using the money saved from adjourning early to invest in “carbon offsets.” These would make the entire session carbon- and well as idea-neutral. The project in mind is a 400-foot turbine in Hubbard State Park behind the State House.

Speaker Skies says the early adjournment will give lawmakers a feeling of accomplishment in lieu of doing anything noteworthy about property taxes, health care, or other pressing problems.

Skies: If leaving early is what it takes to avoid being branded unproductive, then we’re gone.

Governor Justin Hale has vowed to veto any attempts to leave early. If necessary, Hale will block the statehouse exits with state troopers to keep lawmakers in place until the job is done.

For the Vermont Guardian, this is Forrest Green.