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Bruce Marshall

Green Party
U.S. House

Any political leader in office or campaigning for office, who does not recognize the present need for uncovering the truth concerning 9/11, is either a person unprepared to uphold the oath of office that our soldier’s are ultimately dying for.

Our constitutional republic is dying, as is the planet.

Our tragedy as citizens is that we have acted like underlings. This is our nation, our constitution, our integrity that is being violated.

We demand peace and justice, not treason and complicity.

The majority of citizens do want the troops brought home from Iraq. Bring them home now as part of a gesture towards bringing peace to the world.

Without getting rid of the Bush administration now, we are in danger of going into a nuclear strike against Iran or North Korea at any time, which could lead to a war with Russia and China.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich has warned that another 9/11 will be blamed on Iran. Many are warning against a war on Iran. We now know that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was staged to get us into the Vietnam War. Will that happen in the Persian Gulf?

I am afraid of such a war, promoted by Rep. Bernie Sanders’ Iran Freedom Support Act, calling on the president to instigate regime change in Iran. Sound familiar?

I am running to prevent more war. We need “preemptive peace, not war” I am afraid that even if the Democrats do take Congress that they will still rally around the “commander-in-chief” if we have another 9/11-Tonkin event.

“Iran is a key to peace.” They are not our enemy. Peace comes from realizing that one’s enemy is a key to one’s survival. When American foreign policy reflects the self-evident truth that “all men are created equal” then we will be on the right track. Palestine!

The tragedy of 9/11 is that for five years we have not had real truth and justice. We know that the Project for a New American Century “chickenhawks” stated that without a ‘new Peal Harbor’ event, their plans for U.S. imperialism, the planned wars in Asia, we are fighting, would not happen.

9/11 happened. There is ample evidence that it was allowed to happen, but more disturbing are those facts and anomalies that more than suggest that it was an “inside job.”
Watch the film Loose Change or read David Ray Griffin’s work. Do not believe Bush, study the issue yourself.

Senators such as Sen. Patrick Leahy sadly believe the President on 9/11, supporting the war on terror.

The anthrax letters did their job of saying shut up. Continue the theater of opposition, but do not demand the truth his constituents have demanded.

Bush and Cheney should have never been reelected. But who cried out against the voter fraud in Ohio and elsewhere? Here in Vermont the grassroots impeachment movement was railroaded by the likes of Leahy’s top aide Chuck Ross and others under Democratic Party command. Peter Welch had the chance to do more to save the country while State Senator Pro Tem, if he had followed the people’s wish to bring Impeachment to Washington through the State Legislature as specified by Jefferson’s Rulebook for Congress that gives people through the states power to oppose injustice.

The Green Party of Vermont challenged Welch: “To impeach or not to lead that is the question.”

I hope he gets the message. He told me once he believes that 9/11 has not been properly investigated, will he?

Would Martha Rainville investigate 9/11? The military drills concerning hijacked planes flying into towers on 9/11, confusion, incompetence or was it stand down orders? If she says that she is not Bush, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert or Rep. Nancy Pelosi, will she then heed former Pres. Dwight Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex that has come to pass?

What stands behind 9/11 are the fact that the world financial system is bankrupt, our physical economy is collapsing, because money policy feeds speculative bubbles not people. As such I say federalize the Federal Reserve. Implement a New Bretton Woods, LaRouche’s, for economic development between countries, not free trade looting, turning everyone into vassals of the corporations.

We must face this fascist threat as FDR protect our physical economy for the general welfare. I introduced a Resolution, JRH 76, passed by the Vermont Legislature to do this by diversifying the dying auto and machine tool capabilities toward building trains, infrastructure, hydrogen economy, etc, is the direction we need to promote.

Promote the general welfare not the speculators and Halliburtons pushing the drive to war now!