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Chris Karr

U.S. House
We the People
East Montpelier

I am running as an independent for the U.S. House of Representatives under the party of We the People, which are the first three words of constitution. I am not asking people to trust in me, but to trust in our constitution, the foundation for the laws we live by. When people are elected to Congress, they take an oath to uphold our Constitution. It is their duty as it is written to provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare.

To provide for the common defense does not mean offense. Our founders never intended for us to engage in pre-emptive wars. The more we spend on our military, the more we will feel a need to use it justify those expenses.

To promote the general welfare does not mean to promote the welfare of special interests and big money that buys our elections. Anyone who is from the middle class knows the economic stress that we are under from the top and the bottom. How important is something that holds two ends together — the rich and the poor. The health of the middle class is a national security interest. If we do not disengage from Iraq and start spending our money here at home where it is needed, we will have social unrest that has nothing to do with terrorism.

How do we change things? With the right of freedom of the press comes the responsibility to provide us with timely, unbiased, factually accurate information upon which we can base our decisions. We should start writing our own bills and vote for candidates who would support these bills if elected. We should vote out people who have been there too long. If their seniority does not allow them to stand with the constitution instead of their own interests, or that of their party, they do not deserve to be in office.