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Dennis Morrisseaudennis morrisseau


Why am I running?

Our democracy is in the toilet. Really. This is not and cannot be seen as an election-as-usual. We have suffered a coup in my opinion. Bush & Cheney are lawbreakers who MUST BE IMPEACHED and removed from office. And all their supporting and Constitution-subverting, war-making Neocon appointees must be kicked out with them. FURTHER, we need to "Fire Congress"! Congress is corrupt. Congress is the real power in our American political system and this Congress is not OUR Congress. It has been installed and "bought and sold" by hidden and malevolent monied corporate interests.

That's why I am running. Running AT Congress. Running to begin the struggle to retake the government that has so clearly been stolen from us. Running to first remove the symbols, the figureheads of this Larceny.....then to cut into its flesh and bone.

There is almost no time left. The matter is urgent. We have here in our BELOVED AMERICA totalitarians in power.

While this continues, war and more wars will continue, and NO urgent problems that need addressing by a truly representative and creative government will find solutions. We do NOT have honest problem solvers in the seats of power in America anymore. We have CORRUPTION sitting in our seats. We must begin right away---all of us, not just me, all of us---the process of retaking OUR seats inside government.

Neither lawyer Welch (a hidden Bush supporter) nor General Rainville (an in-the-open one) are equipped intellectually or morally to do anything at all about all of this. I am.

I would prefer to remain retired — Would prefer to go fishing, chase pretty women, and enjoy some decent wine, believe me. But I cannot ignore the loss of my country to these beasts, or our democracy.


1. We were lied into the Iraq War. It is a monstrous, illegal, idiot thing to be doing. Today 70 percent of Iraqis want us gone or dead, and 65 percent of Americans also want us out. Yet the killing goes on. US forces are continuing the construction of some 14 permanent, hardened, military bases in central Iraq. (These are being built directly over Iraq's large Oil Deposits.) AND THE NEOCON FOOLS WHO BROUGHT US WAR IN IRAQ FOR NO DECENT REASON, ARE NOW PREPARING TO RISK DESTRUCTION OF OUR OWN MILITARY, AND OUR PRECIOUS GOOD NAME IN THE WORLD, PLUS WORLD INSTABILITY ON AN ORDER OF MAGNITUDE NEVER BEFORE SEEN, VIA A NEW ILLEGAL ATTACK ON THE NATION OF IRAN.

I have asked General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, to refuse orders to attack Iran, and if necessary, to arrest both Bush and Cheney to prevent such an illegal, unjustified attack. My letter goes on to suggest that the general then make his and our case against an attack on Iran to the Congress for a formal roll call vote in the matter.

In Iraq, we should pull our troops back inside tight, defensible perimeters and begin evacuating now.

2. Most of this is answered in (1) above. If we would deal fairly and openly and even handedly in the Middle East between our Israeli allies and the Muslim states of the region — get OUT of the business of propping up dictators and stealing Arab Oil--what genuine terrorism there is in the world would disappear overnight.

I don't support the concept of a purely Jewish state. I don't support walls between people. I don't support giving endless amounts of money and weapons to Israel and the back of our hands to Arabs and Muslims or other Palestinians. Jews and Arabs lived together peacefully in "Palestine" for thousands of years. They need to do that again, in ONE country.

3. We need a large "crash" program aimed at development of alternative energy sources of all kinds, reduction of world population levels, a sharp rethinking of Western and industrialized nations consumption patterns, and environmental cleansing strategies. All countries of the World and all businesses---yes even our "oilmen" must be invited to sit down and begin work on this very, very serious worldwide problem.

4. Repeal tax cuts for the rich. They must pay their fair share. And CUT Democratic and Republican "lawgivers" (ha!) PORK.

5. I favor a single payer national healthcare plan.

6. I don't understand this issue. I like Latino and other foreign peoples and if they want to come here and work and make a life here, I see nothing wrong with that. If Vermonters want to erect a wall against further immigration, or restrict child-bearing of immigrant peoples to two children per family, I will vote in Congress accordingly. I will NOT vote to punish those who are already here.

7. Raise the minimum wage to $10/hr. How about a Maximum annual income of $1,000,000 per year to go along with that? Those who "need" more than that and want to fight about it, raise your hands!

8. See answer to question 6 above.

9. Get OUT of dairy as much as possible and INTO cheese and dairy products production. PLUS, develop large scale human food production and processing of what we grow HERE for First Consumption HERE, then export to nearby states for cash or barter. Save family farms & open space. Feed ourselves. Grow organic.

10. Our education system below the university level is a mess. It is way too expensive. It is horribly boring and life threatening and inadequate. Put it all under our various colleges. Forget about the teachers' unions. Teach kids by challenging kids and insisting upon performance. Use large-scale "Distance Learnig" techniques combined with mentoring by peers and college students /professors in small groups. Phill Hoff was wrong. Very wrong. Tragically wrong, when he destroyed small schools and local control of schools so long ago, and bowed to the teachers' unions. (To trade for votes?) And some of us knew it at the time.

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