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Paul Charles Duprat

Chittenden County State’s Attorney


I am a native Vermonter with considerable expertise in criminal and civil investigations involving interstate gangs, narcotics and prostitution..

Having witnessed first hand the failed federal policy in the war on drugs, and the subject of unlawful treatment as a whistleblower are factors in the run for public office. The rules will change from crime and punishment to first and foremost a treatment based in health care.. Having been on the front lines as a first responder, this former police officer has witnessed the treatment of victims at the time of the crime. I was the backup officer that “used force” in effecting an arrest of an estrange husband, that was upheld by the Vermont Supreme Court and lead the way to the legislature to enact the current family domestic abuse laws.

I am certainly not a one issue candidate; however, the issue of legalizing marijuana as proposed by legislative act H.390 is central to reducing violent crime and taking the drug trade out of the hand of the violent gangs and organized crime that networks all of our Vermont communities.

Marijuana is not a “gateway” drug, but rather a “gatekeeper” drug causing people to buy pot from the worst people in town. Drug dealers use this to introduce others to much more dangerous drugs. What do we tell our children — the truth. Be responsible for your behavior, and talk to your doctor about the side effects and medical properties of marijuana.. I never smoked pot when I was a kid; it wasn’t’ until after surgery and thousands of “little white pills‚” that somebody said, “Here smoke this.” When marijuana worked better than anything else, I tried to speak with my surgeon about the side effects and synergy of drugs, and was told that he couldn’t even speak to me about pot because of his being afraid of the federal government.

I have repeatedly illustrated that I am not afraid of the federal government. As a former police office having fought for other people rights, and having witnessed the state becoming more violent resulting in jailing the young girls that fell victim to the influence of the violent male gang members, and witnessing both federal and state prosecutors continually releasing the violent sexual predators, I am running for office to change the rules and go after the violent offender while seeking medical attention to the victims of drugs/violence.

States rights issues will be defended by policy in the state courts and by defending the civil right to the doctor/patient right to confidentiality and freedom from government intervention in the federal courts. The issues of health care that will reduce the cost and increase the options of patients is by addressing the accountability and auditing of the financial and medical institutions while allowing the alternative medical practices of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, medical marijuana and access to mental health and physical health care as part of the total health care remedy.

State law protecting the whistleblowers should be a top priority because of its opportunity to obtain rapid medical interaction for persons that indicate extreme risk. Both the public and private sectors will be protected rather than the current and long standing unlawful treatment towards whistleblowers found in various levels of government.

Health issues of communicable diseases need be addressed by licensing prostitutes that have carried SARS from Montreal to Burlington to New York City.

Neighborhood quality of life issues need include prosecution of slumlords that flourish in the Old North End.

Placing the emphasis on health care will require removing D.A.R.E. police from schools and strengthening the schools nurse program. Too many people have needlessly died of drug overdoses because of fear of being arrested. Harm reduction community actions will be implemented allowing people the means of saving a life or reporting violent behavior that festers in the absents of public accountability.

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