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Rainville announces bid for Congress

Rainville announces bid for Congress

ST. ALBANS — Adj. Gen. Martha Rainville made it official at a scripted campaign rally before more than 100 cheering supporters and the media: She’s a candidate for U.S. Congress.

At a morning rally kicking off a two-day campaign swing through the state, Rainville told the crowd, “I want to serve in Congress as your advocate, as your voice on issues affecting you and your families, on issues affecting Vermont and America. Too much time and energy in Washington is being spent on finger-pointing and bickering across party lines.”

Rainville announces bid for Congress

“The focus seems to lie not on resolving issues, but on discrediting those who disagree,” she told an energized crowd, who at times broke into chants of “Martha, Martha, Martha.”

“Congress needs to re-focus on serving Americans. Together, you and I can begin a journey to make that happen. Progress comes when people rise above their own biases and personal agendas and commit to working cooperatively on solutions.”

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